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Solar panels in Christchurch

  • Recommended energy retailers for solar & battery storage
    Recommended energy retailers for solar & battery storage
    Picking the right energy retailer can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most from your solar system. When deciding, think about whether your main objectives are: Environmental Financial Simplicity Also, think about what’s going to work with your setup. Do you have solar only or solar and a battery? Think about ... Read more
  • How Sustainable Are Solar Panels?
    How Sustainable Are Solar Panels?
    I believe Solar is what we need in New Zealand to meet our 2025 target of 90% renewable energy. There are few opportunities for new Hydro generation due to limited locations and the environmental impact. New Zealand has such good conditions for Wind power, unfortunately NIMBYism holds wind back. You would have ... Read more
  • Solar & Batteries for New builds
    Solar & Batteries for New builds
    Solar is something most people think about when building. If you or someone you know is building new, it makes sense to start thinking of your home’s energy needs. I will give you a run through of what you should think about when it comes to solar for your new house. ... Read more
  • Virtual power plants, Micro grids and Embedded networks?
    Virtual power plants, Micro grids and Embedded networks?
    Microgrids, Virtual power plants and Embedded network solutions have been talking points lately. I’ll give you a rundown of what these are and how they can be useful. What are they? Virtual power plants (VPP) Already in use in other countries such as Australia, and the UK, Virtual power plants could be a ... Read more
  • How to read your power bill
    How to read your power bill
    Power bills are challenging to make head or tail of – they are confusing to read, let alone interpret what they mean. Hopefully here’s where we can help you understand your power bill, and also show you how solar can assist in reducing it. What charges make up my power bill? No ... Read more
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
    Electric Vehicle Charging
    We get asked more and more often about electric EV charging. It’s great to see electric vehicles gaining popularity. We have put together a list of some of the questions we often hear.   Where can an EV charger be installed? Most EV chargers are capable of being installed inside or outside. The most ... Read more
  • Is solar panel efficiency important?
    Is solar panel efficiency important?
    There is lots of talk about how efficient different solar panels are. Does efficiency really matter and if so, when does efficiency matter? Solar panel efficiency is a measure of how much of the sun’s light hitting a certain surface area is converted into usable electricity. This is measured in a ... Read more
  • What are the different types of solar systems?
    What are the different types of solar systems?
      Grid-Tied Solar A grid-tied solar system consists of solar panels and a grid-tied solar inverter. This is the most common form of solar installed throughout the world. The solar system generates electricity, this electricity is used in the home and the excess is sent back out to the grid. If the ... Read more
  • How much am I paid for exporting solar power?
    How much am I paid for exporting solar power?
      Solar power buy-back rates are the price per unit at which energy retailers pay for excess/exported solar power.  When solar panels are installed on a property an import/export meter is installed upon completion and commissioning of the system. The meter is changed by a local independent inspector (we organise this on ... Read more
  • Is the Tesla Powerwall 2 worth it?
    Is the Tesla Powerwall 2 worth it?
    The Tesla Powerwall 2 is the most popular and cost-effective home storage product on the market, but is it worth the investment? The Tesla Powerwall 2 offers a range of functionality: Storage of excess solar energy. Up to 13.5kWh of backup in a power cut. Off-peak charge and peak discharge. So let’s look at the ... Read more