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Providing unmatched efficiency, reliability, and smart monitoring to maximize your solar power investment

Our top pick for grid-tied solar system inverters.

Christchurch Solar is proud to partner with Fronius to provide reliable and effective solutions for our customers. 

The inverter is one of the most vital parts of your solar system. It works very hard for a long time, converting the sunlight that hits your solar panels into usable electricity. That’s why getting a high quality inverter is so important.

World renowned quality

Fronius are known in the solar industry for producing the highest quality inverters. 

They are a family owned business with over 75 years of experience. Their inverters are still made in Austria, with  award-winning European technology.

You can trust your Fronius inverter will last. Their quality claims are backed up with years of experience and rigorous product testing. In fact, they have one of the lowest failure rates on the market. In all our years of installing Fronius inverters, we’ve never had one fail. 

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Fronius makes it easy to access useful monitoring data.

With Fronius Solar.Web you can access detailed information on your current energy use. You can also analyse the data over the life of your solar system. This way, you stay in control and optimize your system’s performance.


All Fronius inverters come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty, with the option to extend this.

Importantly, Fronius has support based in New Zealand that can help you quickly if anything goes wrong.  Fast turnarounds on replacement part will have you back producing power in no time.

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Sustainability is at the forefront for Fronius.

They consider the entire lifecycle of your inverter. They use 100% recycled aluminum for the cooling elements in all GEN24 Plus inverters and 100% green electricity in production.

Fronius also prioritises repairability by using easily replaceable components. This means you can fix issues without sending it away or replacing the whole unit.


The range of Fronius Inverters

Take a look through the range of Fronius inverters we use. Which one is right for you will depend on a number of things such as your power supply and the size of your solar system.

Fronius’ other products

Fronius have a suite of other products that integrate seamlessly with their inverters to make the most of your solar production. Check out out the ohm pilot that can read exactly how much power you are about to send back to the grid, and instead puts it into your hot water cylinder.

If you have an EV, the Fronius WattPilot diverts excess solar to charge your EV and use grid tariffs to charge at the cheapest rate.

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