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Home Solar

Take control by reducing your energy bills and live more sustainably.

Save Money with home solar

Be more self-sufficient by installing solar panels that produce clean solar energy for your home. Grid-tied solar is the most popular solar system worldwide. This usually consists of Solar panels, Solar inverter and Monitoring, all connected to the national grid.

Solar panels can be used to reduce your energy bills, by using electricity generated from the sun to power your home appliances. To get the most value out of your solar system, it’s best to use as much of the solar energy as you can in your house to limit how much you send back to the grid. This in turn reduces your energy bills, as you require less energy from the grid.

Our expert team offer a complete energy and electrical service, from the initial consultation and custom system design to installation and maintenance.

How solar works

While the sun’s shining, your solar system will be producing electricity. The electricity produced will be consumed by any appliance/device that requires electricity in your home.

If you are producing more electricity than your appliances require, then the excess will be sent back to the grid for a credit.

If you require more electricity than your solar is producing, solar power will be used first, then the extra will be pulled from the grid — All this happens automatically.

Home Solar

Monitor your solar performance

Our solar systems now include consumption monitoring

Consumption monitoring shows the end-user when and how much electricity is being used in their home.

This is great as it allows the end-user to use appliances at the times they are producing the most solar power.

Consumption monitoring allows the end-user to utilise more of the solar energy produced, therefore increasing their return on investment (ROI).

Monitor Solar

Selling back to the grid

The more solar energy you directly consume the quicker you’ll pay your solar installation off, resulting in a faster return on investment.

If you’d like to sell back to the grid, Ecotricity is a great supporter of Solar PV with leading buyback rates. They are also the only energy provider that uses 100% renewable energy, so get two thumbs up from us!

Selling Solar

Back up power

Grid-tied solar systems don’t give you backup power during an outage unless you have a battery. Click to learn about battery storage.

A battery can be added to any grid-tied solar system at any point. You don’t need to buy a special hybrid inverter.

There’s plenty of aftermarket systems available, such as the Tesla Powerwall.

Back up power for your house

Hot water diversion

To get the best out of your solar system you can automate some appliances such as hot water cylinders.

We often install an Ohm pilot to do this. An Ohm pilot will only put excess electricity into the hot water.

This helps to limit the amount of electricity you draw from or send back to the grid.

Ohm Pilot